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Who is MedicareCompareUSA?

MedicareCompareUSA is a Medicare-Specialty insurance agency and call center that assists Medicare beneficiaries in the process of evaluating and comparing the Medicare insurance plans accepted by their physicians and hospital.

Today, there are many different Medicare insurance companies marketing many types of Medicare insurance. Never before have there been so many Medicare insurance options, and never before has it been more important to confirm the Medicare plans you are evaluating, are accepted by your physicians and hospital. Medicare beneficiaries can spend countless hours reviewing and comparing Medicare plans, only to find out their primary care physician, specialist or hospital does not accept their chosen Medicare plan.

Healthcare providers understand the frustration Medicare patients face when it comes to shopping for Medicare insurance. Physicians and hospitals alike, want to assist their Medicare patients by providing clear information and unbiased guidance regarding accepted Medicare plans. Their challenge is that Medicare insurance is both extremely complex and highly regulated. When it comes to answering Medicare insurance questions or helping patients to compare Medicare plans, there is very little a healthcare provider can say or do for a Medicare patient, without having an insurance license or proper insurance credentials.

MedicareCompareUSA maintains up-to-date information on the Medicare insurance plans accepted by each of our affiliated physicians and hospitals. We assist Medicare patients and healthcare providers to effectively communicate and navigate the complex world of Medicare insurance.

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  Medicare Patients

MedicareCompareUSA can help you understand and compare your Medicare insurance options. Find out how.


  Medicare Providers

MedicareCompareUSA specializes in helping healthcare providers to communicate and assist their Medicare Patients in all things "Medicare".


MedicareCompareUSA is not affiliated with the Federal Medicare program.

The Medicare Insurance Helpline is provided to Medicare beneficiaries at no cost and with no obligation.
Medicare beneficiaries are also free to contact each Medicare plan directly, work with any licensed
Medicare insurance agent, or access Medicare plan information by
calling 1-800-MEDICARE or online at

MedicareCompareUSA is a Medicare Specialty insurance agency and call center with the mission
of providing clear and unbiased information to the Medicare beneficiaries who are patients
of our affiliated hospital and physician organizations. MedicareCompareUSA is a privately held,
independent organization that is not owned by any insurance company or healthcare provider.

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